I've just found a man's anus

Anyone lost one? Reckon I should hand it in somewhere?


Looks like ass is back on the menu, boys!


The first line of the first draft of Truth Hurts by Lizzo had, to say the least, room for improvement.

Eat it! Eat it now!

Luckily live about a five minute walk from a police station, so went to hand it in there. Looked at me like I was insane. Repeatedly asked me to explain what it was, why I was handing it in. Told me to leave or he’d arrest me. I give up.

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Not me. I can have a ring around see if anyone is missing one


Cheers mate

Once or twice a year there will be an email sent round my work saying a ring has been found in the second floor bathroom - I always willfully misinterpret it as meaning exactly what this thread is called, and make sure everybody knows about it.

Wonderful work.

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My ringpiece just detached and floated to the ceiling.

Which was anus uprise.

(a nice surprise).


Scrolling down this is the oddest non-Chad Kroeger Chad Kroeger reveal ever

Great Post

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