I've just had a heated argument with the TV about the friends theme tune

The lyrics go:

When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month
Or even your year

I argued that the word even makes the lyric nonsensical. It should’ve been the other way round. Its vanishingly unlikely that it could have been your year if within that year it wasn’t at least once your day, your week or your month.

She argued that I’ve read into it far too much and to please please shut up about it.

And so it must be settled:

  • You’re completely right: the rembrants and by extension the friends have really fucked it with this one
  • She’s right, the lyric could relate to a series of non temporally-specific positive events that when considered as a whole could be described as ‘your year’
  • You’re both wankers

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When it hasn’t been your year, your month, your week
Or even your day

Much better

Think it’s fine tbh

Would be better if it was “let alone your year” I guess



it’s like you’re always stuck in the parking bay…


On a similar note, recently had an argument with a colleague over the Blondie lyric: “Cold as ice cream but still as sweet”. He said it made no sense and should say “Cold as ice cream and still as sweet” because ice cream is both cold and sweet. But I reckon the but is necessary because someone who is cold is generally NOT sweet, hence the but.

  • BUT still as sweet
  • AND still as sweet

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should be…
‘but just as sweet’


maybe not actually…

not sure

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Might change my vote to “You’re both wankers” on the grounds I’ve now got the Friends theme stuck in my head.


When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month
Or even MY SANDWICH?!!


It’s a strange one, as strongly as I feel about the friends theme tune (very) I am ambivalent about this one.

Hmmm. This is probably how my wife feels and why she was so adamant that I stop bothering her about it

You’re wrong, and you’re a grotesquely ugly freak.



I am angry that this wasn’t an option on the poll.


I’m not sure I understand, but it is likely that it’s just that my brain has entered a state of denial

Think its quite a good song the full version

it’s like your soul has started to decay…

The middle eight is good, is that not in the theme song?

I suppose you could argue that a REALLY good FRIEN*D would be there for you over a WHOLE year of 2nd gearness, whilst a less good friend might bail after a bad day, week or month, and wouldn’t be there for you for the entire bad year.

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Going Up The Country by Canned Heat

“I’m going up the country where the water tastes like wine”

If my water tasted like wine, pal, I’d be on to Severn Trent first thing in the morning


in fact, I think this is the true answer

Yes OK, so they are saying that they will be there still, even through all of that.

I see.

So much time wasted :confused: