Ive just invented something


It’s like poetry but for lads

The other day i was thinking of throwing a humidifier at my housemate and shouting “humidiFLYER! more like!”


been done, mate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Enemy_(UK_rock_band)

Is Broetry an opportunity for lads to talk about their feelings, or is it all about “tits, arse, fanny, footie, the lot”?

Prose Before Hoes


The first 17 seconds of this

Then cut into this

Would just be that shit lad from the NatWest advert.

(May not be NatWest).

I know Limmy’s mentioned that first 17 seconds before but it really is unbelievable

the it’s not all work work work one?

should i read this at an open mic tonight? broetry and all

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When you think about it, the Metaphysical poets were the original broetry lads.

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John Donne was some pup

“If you can get your head when all about you aren’t getting theirs and blaming it on you…”

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ffs that was jk rowling


ooft. that’s painful.

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The Bro-nte Sisters

Bro-llercoaster (of emotions)