I've just won 2000 Nectar points






that’s pretty sweet.

nectar points in general are an absolute con though, aren’t they. worked out when really high how much money you’d need to spend to get 500 points - which is a paltry £2.50 off your next shop…and it was fucking loads. hundreds of quids


I had 1688 Nectar points after more than a year. Just went for a shop and redeemed them - turns out you can only redeem in 500 point increments. So I could only redeem 1500. But then I won 2000. lol


I also worked out how many grains of rice are in a 1kg bag with one of my all timers. great night that was


I didn’t even know anything about this:

Let us sprinkle some excitement on your weekend because every time you spend £10 in store, online and on fuel at Sainsbury’s until 16 October, you’ll get anywhere from 200 to 5,000 surprise bonus points (that’s up to £25).

Unbelievable. So I went to Sainsburys and spent £10.15 without even knowing about that offer they had on and then won 2000 Nectar points haha yes m8 :yum: :yum:


Don’t mean to trump your story but I just won 2,000 on my fuel and then 1,000 on my proper shop.

(Let’s forget that I spent £50 on fuel and £90 in shop)


what the fuck are nectar points? Seem like a big thing in the mainland, but not so much over here (occupied 6)


More Sainsburys should do the thing where they match the prices of cheaper shops on brands and stuff though. Used to get vouchers for several pounds for just one shop at the big one in Camden

(Hope this makes sense, I’m very hungover and words are difficult)


i spent about £16 and only got 15 points. wtf. thought everyone was meant to get at least 200 points. #gypped


Is it not done by way of a voucher you use next time you shop at which point the points are credited?


never got given a voucher. #doublegypped


I finally got my first Nectar card on Friday. It was given to me at the big Sainsbury’s in Camden. That’s my regular one to and from work. (Drops the mic :grinning:)


Get on to Sainsbury’s and they’ll probably give you some by way of apology. They chuck em out like confetti for the slightest whinge.


i’m gonna check mine in a minute. been to a sainsbury’s local twice this week.


I won 550


Enjoy chicken jalfrezi and pilau rice ready meal at Reading


Once got a voucher for £6.50 in one shop! Just to be clear though this doesn’t actually have anything to do with Nectar points (it’s much better).


cool. maybe i’ll see you in there when i’m complaining about my lack of nectar points. :angry:


@Balonz - you seen that half price Saino’s toy sale starting on Wednesday?