I've just

unscrewed the bathroom plughole and scooped out loads of gloop with my bare finger

did you clean your finger before typing on the keyboard?

They have Mr Muscle foaming sink and plughole un-blocker on sale for just £2 at Barbican Waitrose today mate, I was tempted to get a couple of bottles despite using two of them on December 23rd 2016

banned act

Why didnt you at least usebog roll

I have to disagree with this method.

I believe this is not enough to burn through all the hair and gunk. You have to fish it out and throw it away.

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We’ll agree to disagree here, I like the foaming aspect and the potential danger of skin corrosion, makes me feel alive (I also used oven pride for seeking this kind of thrill)

Plumbers tend to tell you to avoid those chemicals. I prefer just using the plunger and pulling stuff out with my hands.

I did reply to this but it disappeared?

I can get behind that, don’t get me wrong.
I just don’t think you can dissolve hair like that.

I guess it did?

That’ll be Theo and his plunger

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The things you do to avoid uni work.

It’s always grey isn’t it. Sums it up.

Why’s it grey, Rick? What have you done to it