I've known this chap since 1999, he's in my top two ATD's, but it suddenly struck me the other day that I don't know when his birthday is

I’m pretty sure it’s either end of November, or December.

Joe (I call him Joseph) is a very reserved, controlled man. you ask him a question and he’ll give you the answer in a week. the definitive answer. he takes about 4 days to reply to a text and never answers his calls (could just be me I guess!)

cool as fuck dude, though. got a double first and didn’t even tell anyone. asked him how he did and he told me in a manner like he’d just been asked what his favourite sauce is.

he’s gonna make someone very happy one day


It’s fine, celebrating birthdays is for adult babies anyway.


I could only confidently tell you the birthdays of two of my proper ATDs but there are a few of the minor mates who’s birthday’s are lodged in my mind for some reason. Funny how memory works eh.

only vaguely know when anyones birthdays are - doesn’t matter does it?

most of my friends are semi-dickheads tho so they don’t deserve to have their birthday’s remembered

People whose birthdays I know:

  • Immediate family
  • Girlfriend
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don’t know any of my mates’ birthdays. just expect a text the week before innit.

i know them with a margin of error of about 5 days

I used to be a bit of a savant for birthdays (can still remember most childhood/secondary school classmates’ birthdays easily) but struggle to remember which day my #1 ATD’s birthday is on. It’s one of 3 days in March. Think it’s the 21st.

My friend’s fiancee got me to guess when her birthday is. I had absolutely no idea, so guessed 2 months at random, she affirmed her birthday was in one of them; guessed one date from each month, she said it was one of them; picked one at random, it was the right one. Freaky shit. Might have seen it on Facebook but I certainly don’t remember having seen it.

you know what, you’re right man

I had a birthday meal in my early 30’s and had 28 guests. next year it was say 22 and so on

this year I stayed in all day, ate a cucumber sandwich and hoovered the whole joint, including the stairs

Got a milestone birthday next year and already being asked what I want to do. I want to let it pass without any bother TBH.

21 is a pretty terrifying one, tbf.

Christ mate, let me get 18 out of the way before we start talking about getting really old!


I don’t even know the birthdays of my nephews/niece.


I got married solely so that I would have someone around to remember the dates of people’s birthdays.

Facebook* reminds me of birthdays

*I’m aware that some users are not on facebook