I've never been to a pub and seen people watching cricket on the telly

No one actually watches it

I’ve watched cricket in a pub before


I love it!

Prove it

I’ve never seen an earthquake.

They therefore don’t exist.

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I’ve felt an earthquake.



I’ve just been trawling through photo’s from Joe’s stag in the hope that someone candidly caught me watching the test match in the background. No evidence. I can’t prove it but I SWEAR to you that its true.

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hate that cricket is so English and therefore shit because underneath all that colonial bullshit it seems like one of the best of the sports

Cricket is probably the only quintessentially English thing that makes me feel anything even beginning to get towards patriotism.

it’s probably not actually English but I feel that way about a good cup of tea

I mean, tea is definitively not English tbf to it

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people drink it here though

which makes me happy

Even during the cricket!

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most drinks can be too masculine and wheeey lads! Not tea though, tea is for everybody

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Hello Mr. Tebbit

I heard that during cricket sometimes the bowler or batsman or whatever will talk shit about their opponent to psyche them out, really hate that. I thought everyone was friends

Hello Hoogy!