I've never had a Po'Boy

Am I missing out?



Mark Kozelek once asked the listener to consider how he likes to eat his po-boy

this was different to the time he mentioned eating one next to a picture of young riddick bowe btw

personally I’m not interested in different ways to have a sandwich, I eat the same sandwich every day

medium sliced hovis with peanut butter, nothing else

and an apple on the side

actually I eat the same breakfast every day too. I’m pretty close to perfecting it and eating all of the same food every day

had one - but only off a uk street food stall type place. Was a little underwhelming but I would be more than happy to try one in if I ever find myself in Louisiana

before you ask, it’s just a banana



A sandwich with too much in it, no thanks.

you must be very bunged up, man

I was meant to go to New Orleans a couple of years ago and having a po boy was top of my list of things to do, but then we didn’t go because of the Zika virus

Had a crawfish po’boy about a month ago, it was all right. Fried shrimp is where its at.

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