I've noticed that storing bananas on the metal part of the washing up area prolongs their life by around 30%



obviously the best method is to hang your bananas is off door handles etc - ie in their natural state, but if you’ve run out of handles, the metal dish draining bit is a superb back up.


I’ve stopped buying bunches of bananas, just pick one up when I fancy one. Slightly more expensive per banana but don’t have to eat any past-ripe/just to get rid of them before they go off


different bananas for different needs innit. green bananas perfectly fine for smoothies etc.

I eat a lot of bananas anyway, so they never go off in chez silky


I like my bananas on the green side anyway tbh, and we get free fruit at work so I normally just fill my boots here, then occasionally I’ll grab one at the tezzers for football/running/before a long bike ride


got one of these

also can be used to hang headphones on.


That is a strong piece of kit.


Save it for tomorrow, mate


u wot


super cheap too. Couple of quid from ick-ee-ahh


Thursday is the day of filth


We keep ours in the fridge. They stay fresh for ages. Please don’t hate me.


I don’t understand what is filthy about that though, I’m sorry :frowning:


Seems to be one of the things the hivemind has decided marks you out as being a wrong’un :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh don’t get me wrong, I definitely am, but in this instance I honestly am just failing to understand.


Do you take your banana out to rest before eating it. Can see the logic of bananas in the fridge but wouldn’t want to eat a cold one


don’t you worry it might shrink in the cold a bit?


Depends, I actually quite enjoy a cold banana from time to time. Chop a cold one into porridge and you’ve got yourself a party of temperatures with each mouthful. But other times I’ll give it 15 mins to warm up a bit.



Yeah, they come up the width of a biro, but the flavour is intense


Cold hard banana’s