I've noticed that

…when people get older they start unecessarily using knives for things, like eating fruit and opening envelopes.

I’m here all week!


Plus they get wrinkly and their balls go long


On the continent (I don’t know if I mentioned that I’m on the continent) everyone seems to use steak knives for tea where a normal knife would suffice

I use a letter opener to open my envelopes thank you



Indeed. And isn’t it a thing of wonder

I don’t really, but my grandparents do have an actual letter opener, basically a blunt knife, so that backs your point up

men in westerns love elaborately eating things with knives in ways that are not really necessary. Apples for example

or this scene from The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Just thought that in some cases it might be because of arthritis and similar stuff, innit, rather than it just being an old-fashioned habit.

To be fair, eating fruit is better with a knife.

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In my grandparents case, it’s something they’ve done since my dad was a kid apparently so old fashioned habit. But then they both have arthritis, so it helps out in that way.

They do have teaspoons on the continent, actually.

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No they don’t stop these lies

why settle for less if you don’t have to?

Isn’t it odd the way that Americans will only use a knife for cutting through something and then put it down, change hands with the fork and then eat it. What a waste of time.

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It feels very decadent, but I guess over all I’m in favour

who owns the most expensive knife/set of Knives? Something I can’t bring myself to spend big money on

good system if you are eating off your lap whilst watching tv though - once you are done cutting you can get into more of a recline

No one’s ever said ‘oh, this knife is cutting my tea too well’

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i got a “canteen of cutlery” as a wedding present from my gran and uncle

They are stainless steal though (not silver) . I got them in the divorce and they have only ever been used for “special occasions” i.e., hardly ever

I would quite like to get an expensive kitchen knife/ knives - but I would only fuck them up I think

I believe it to be Rutger Hauer.

I’ve seen forks you people wouldn’t believe.

Steak knives on fire in a shoulder of pork.

I watched spoons glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

All this cutlery will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Time to die.

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