I've noticed that

*Tine to die


worrying about drones

remember seeing Christopher Lloyd playing a burglar in the American Dennis the Menace film and eating an apple with a knife, thought it made him look well hard

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I think this whenever I see someone eating an apple this way in films! It happens a lot! I would absolutely cut myself.

Also, I’ve noticed people cutting apples weird. It happened in Sharp Objects AND in House of Cards, like they just start hacking at the apple. I cut my apple into quarters then I cut out the middle section and then I might cut the quarters in half again.

Interesting, I know.


I don’t know anything else about Sharp Objects so I’m choosing to believe it consists entirely of people cutting things up in inefficient ways like this


When I was a kid, I would only eat apples if they were peeled, cored and quartered much to my parents annoyance.

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Saw somebody I work with eating cheese and crackers with a swiss army knife

Hope he used the corkscrew to crack open a nice bottle of red

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my aunt and uncle used to have one and i was fascinated by it as a kid. looked like a mini sword

hope they still have it, haven’t been in their house for a few years

Have actually recently started opening my letters with a knife, gives a nice sense of occasion.

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