I've quit my job - what's the biggest/bestest/stupidist mistake YOU'VE made this year?


Please, excite me!

Also, mini thread -TOP 5 jobs that do not involve an office


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  1. Greenkeeper/groundsman
  2. Fitness instructor
  3. Landscape gardener
  4. Forth Bridge painter
  5. Gamesmaster on the Crystal Maze


I can’t tell you my worst mistake because it might cause conversation about my feelings towards the subject generally and I don’t want that.

The sensible answer is when I quit my job over stress and had a slow nervous breakdown for a year. Move to Scotland - it worked for me.

Is it just office stuff you want to avoid? What about jobs where there is an office but you’re not trapped in it all day?




TOP 5 jobs that do not involve an office

  1. Rock and Pop Star
  2. Gardener
  3. Shepard
  4. Conceptual Artist
  5. Streetfighter


Surely you can combine all of those jobs into one happy existence Chris?


Get the sheep to keep the grass down rather than use a mower.


The gardening is more conceptual art-based than maintenance.


Then he fights all the enemies who don’t like his flowers or songs.


You voted Leave, didn’t you?


I’m picturing this, but in a stately home garden:


Or like the designer in Beetlejuice.


do some field recording of them chewing away (rock and pop star)

and give all the sheep names of politicians (conceptual art)


I ate bean on toast for breakfast once.


That doesn’t sound very filling.


Just one bean, apparently.


Compulsory Seinfeld


Losing my passport and having to cross international borders with just my good looks, having to pay £200 for a new one. OR playing cricket whilst drunk and breaking my finger. or taking some bad pills and nearly dying. Or playing camogie with no helmet and breaking my nose.
I’m a fucking idiot.
Top 5 non office jobs

  1. glamour model
  2. violinist
  3. train driver
  4. Tennis player
  5. Mystery shopper


also -
i have made NO MISTAKES this year as I am very risk adverse

but maybe that is the biggest mistake of all



These seem combinable as well. You drive the train between your modelling, violin and tennis engagements, and do a bit of mystery shopping when they’re thin on the ground.


use the violin as a tennis racket

mystery shop a new violin when it breaks due to using it as a tennis racket