I've quit my job - what's the biggest/bestest/stupidist mistake YOU'VE made this year?

Please, excite me!

Also, mini thread -TOP 5 jobs that do not involve an office

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Posting in the Johnathan Pie thread

  1. Greenkeeper/groundsman
  2. Fitness instructor
  3. Landscape gardener
  4. Forth Bridge painter
  5. Gamesmaster on the Crystal Maze

I can’t tell you my worst mistake because it might cause conversation about my feelings towards the subject generally and I don’t want that.

The sensible answer is when I quit my job over stress and had a slow nervous breakdown for a year. Move to Scotland - it worked for me.

Is it just office stuff you want to avoid? What about jobs where there is an office but you’re not trapped in it all day?



TOP 5 jobs that do not involve an office

  1. Rock and Pop Star
  2. Gardener
  3. Shepard
  4. Conceptual Artist
  5. Streetfighter
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Surely you can combine all of those jobs into one happy existence Chris?

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Get the sheep to keep the grass down rather than use a mower.

The gardening is more conceptual art-based than maintenance.

Then he fights all the enemies who don’t like his flowers or songs.

You voted Leave, didn’t you?

I’m picturing this, but in a stately home garden:

Or like the designer in Beetlejuice.

do some field recording of them chewing away (rock and pop star)

and give all the sheep names of politicians (conceptual art)

I ate bean on toast for breakfast once.

That doesn’t sound very filling.


Just one bean, apparently.

Compulsory Seinfeld

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also -
i have made NO MISTAKES this year as I am very risk adverse

but maybe that is the biggest mistake of all


These seem combinable as well. You drive the train between your modelling, violin and tennis engagements, and do a bit of mystery shopping when they’re thin on the ground.

use the violin as a tennis racket

mystery shop a new violin when it breaks due to using it as a tennis racket

think it would be good to be a plumber. mario seems happy anyway
fragrance designer
figure skater