I've realised we're missing a couple of VITAL accounts from the old boards

Namely Drama Llama and GRAPEAPE. Granted they were not hugely active in the last couple of years, but I just realised they’re not here and it made me sad.

Any others?

I didn’t bring Danny_Dyer over with me. Goodnight, sweet prince.


Clapham_Giles for me. He represented all that was good in life.




I abandoned Philippe_Foloppe to the old boards, too.

I think someone needs to go and rescue them guys.

Can we get some volunteers please?

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The guys who we shacked up with on the errors board with when everyone else ran off to this place as soon as they could.

That was as good as it ever got on drownedinsound.com :tulip::heart:

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How did I come to this shocking realisation, you ask? I was scrolling through a news website and there was a headline about some petty celeb drama and I went “ooooh DRAMA” in my head and my brain immediately went “drama llama”

Please keep us abreast of all your though processes.


Umlaut, Royter, ohgood banished to the archives, abandoned as minotaurs storming blind through a labyrinth, never to be found again.

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ummers is still about isn’t he?

Where is foppyish? I told him my theories on who was who and he disappeared. Quite possibly snaffled by the Illuminati.

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I miss him :heart:

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I just did!

Not unless he’s started using a different name and decided to stop waxing lyrical about West Ham every day

oh merde

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Yeah, different name.

Umlaut who are you

found it!


Still good :heart:

Items of note: (a) I actually do have a beard now and it was Mrs CCB’s idea! (b) I found it by searching for the following: “site:drownedinsound.com shaving nobbing missus”