I've started a feminist book recommendations instagram

…because I only had THREE separate accounts before, clearly not enough.

I’m not reviewing books for this, for the record, as it’s just meant to be a fun thing I do in my free time. Rather I’m sharing books I’ve read that are interesting from a feminist veiwpoint, and that I think more people should read. Only published my first post today, but there’s a long backlog that I’ll be going through in between current reads.

Sound like something you might enjoy? Why don’t you follow me on this exciting literary journey!?


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Sounds good! I’ll be giving it a follow :+1:

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To Be Taught If Fortunate sounds really interesting!


It really is! She must have done SO much research for it, really well done imo.

Looking forward to getting stuck in


Omg, I’m a legit influencer! :star_struck: Let me know what you think!

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These look great, all have been added to the ever growing reading list & just ordered To Be Taught, If Fortunate.

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I don’t use Instagram but I would be really interested in people discussing recommendations here and in the Book Reading thread so I can get the benefit of wr’s influencing.


What do you all think of the setup so far? Obviously quite limited space when I’m doing two languages as well, so very conscious that these aren’t REVIEWS etc

Length and style is perfect for me, I don’t like to read too much prior to reading a book and this feels like the kind of recommendation I’d get from a friend or a local bookshop.

I do also like this style of post once I get a feel for the kind of books recommended/the interests of the person posting https://twitter.com/sad13/status/1399382822197026819 plus helps to recap missed posts and reminder to checkout the account/thread.

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i like it!

are you familiar with noname’s book club thing? maybe if you ask nicely she’ll give you a mention

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