I've started writing a book


Its set at some point in the future (dunno when) in a “post-truth” society, where the government and other agencies have become able to manipulate the world physically through propaganda and the spreading of lies, and the story centres around a group of people fighting against it.

Done about 4 pages worth. Its not coming on great to be honest. Possible problems:

  • I think its a good idea for a book but I’m not a good writer.
  • Haven’t really thought of any characters.
  • I get bored easily so probably won’t write more than a couple more pages before giving up.
  • I can’t be bothered reading it back so I’ll lose track of where I am eventually if I don’t give up.

So there you go.


Call the main guy Deano and he can have a limp and his thing is drinking small cartons of juice.


Spoiler: It’s actually today’s newspapers


Could you make it a choose your own adventure? And do some good drawings of glistening muscly guys on the cover, to make sure it sells?


Don’t read back until you’re done! Re-reading what you’ve already written will only discourage you, because nothing reads well on the first draft, which will upset your momentum. Just get it done and THEN worry about redrafting.


serialize it in thread form


you’re doing well, you’re nearly at page 5, that’s basically page 10. You can fill some of the book with pictures, a contents page, an index and a word search puzzle.


I’d like to offer £20,000 for 10%.


Write the first page, then the last page, then page 5 and every 5th page thereafter. That should give you the bare bones, you can just add loads of descriptive filler in the blank pages afterwards.


Interesting premise. With the post truth thing though, not sure if a government should be the best bad guys, sure the government and media manipulate popular opinion. But think 2016 taught us, people now have access to bypass mainstream media and get to the facts, but rather than this leading to enlightenment most people will only listen to things they want to hear.

it seems so out of control of the government, the government didn’t want brexit but now they have to appease the masses no mater how self destructive.

So I kind of look back at the past and how people always criticise the government and mainstream media for being bias and dishonest etc and while it was obviously true, seems like it might pale in comparison to what will come, as at least in the past there was some regulation and legal checks on what people claimed, in the emerging system it is just chaos



serialize it in thread form



my dad’s writing a book


do it without characters


I started kind of writing a novel for fun (i.e. a meandering weird lengthy old thing) but it’s fallen to the wayside a bit. I was reading a bit of it a while ago and was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed it. Thinking about repurposing that bit into a short story or summinck.


Is this now a things I’ve tried to write thread?
I’d quite like to write a science fiction play, there aren’t enough of those. Want it to focus on human nature and how it is we come to be In a state. Hmm


is it about pies?


It’s dead easy to get a book plan, just get something everyone knows and put it in a place or setting you just wouldn’t really associate with it, and have some sort of vague aim/journey going on about fixing it, maybe for extra lol’s write it from the perspective of some object in the corner or something. Also maybe time travel.

Traffic warden is gang pressed into the merchant navy a hundred years before he was born and while trying to find out how this happened sets about creating the traffic warden profession

that sort of thing


some cat can’t figure out how to get into a little cardboard box, suddenly realises it’s the rest of the world that’s the box and this is the only exit


I’m excited to read it.