I've unplugged my freezer

and I’ve no plans of plugging it back in. no regrets so far.

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… and this is the album!

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my only worry is what i’m going to do during jubbly season

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Not that kind of jubbly!

I’ve haven’t plugged in my freezer since moving in. Can’t think of anything I would freeze.

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This is a bold move, i love freezing things

Ice cubes?

How about some peas in case you get biffed on the nose or socked in the eye?

Don’t drink spirits or soft drinks at home really

i couldn’t live without my freezer

  • smoothie ingredients
  • fish fingers that live and the back and only get eaten if i’ve nothing else in
  • things that Bird’s Eye make like waffles and those hot and spicy breaded chicken things and that
  • other things

couldn’t live without it


You don’t like ice cream?

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Tin of peas aplenty (Farrow’s marrowfat peas to be exact) but not frozen sorry

Not on ice cream book, nope.
Even veggie sausages come mostly chilled now. Only thing I’m missing out on is frozen hash browns but haven’t had the pang for them yet.

Couldn’t live without mine

Another two layers under that lot

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My electric bill for the last two months was thirty quid :thermometer:


when the jubbly’s come into season




I think you’ll find those are already frozen.