Ive waited over an hr for a mcdonalds

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  • Nah you’re doing the right thing not cancelling the order

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Just went by one with a queue easily ten cars deep. Weird country int we.

I’ve been in this kind of situation before, fucking raging, then realised that I hadn’t actually finalised the order.

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At ths time friday here the queue is literally mile plus long

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Ive had 5 different drivers :unamused:


To long imo.

Anyone remember when I waited all night for a pizza from a place that had closed down?


Ordered one a few weeks back. Took like 45 minutes to turn up and then the driver had got mixed up and given someone else my order :upside_down_face:

Is this a delivery to your house, a drive through one, or in the restaurant?

Delovery. Took 1hr 50. It was fone