Iwent to TGI Fridays last night and it has not changed at all in the last 20 years

Though it was definitely looking past its best. I am not sure how long its got left, I think its one of the last of shops/restaurants open that were around when I was a nipper


When my parents first split me ol papa used to take us there once a fortnight.

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I had a hot dog in TGI Fridays in June and it was literally the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

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Been once. Dreadful. 2nd worst chain restaurant I’ve been in, after Frankie and bennys


Yeah the very same one, its exactly the same!

More importantly, have been on the next table to Steve Ogrizovic in a TGIs


I love these new Half Man Half Biscuit song titles


Frankie and Bennys all day breakfast >>>> TGI Fridays hotdog, in my experience. And the F&Bs was in an airport, ffs.


all the famous faces used to go

One of my favourite people in the world is a chef at tgi fridays

That’s all I got to contribute

Frankie and Bennys breakfast is just about passable but otherwise agreed

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I’ve been to each of them once. Frankie and bennys gave me a chicken wrap* where one of the bits of chicken was still frozen in the middle, and they had 2 (two) birthday groups in, and did the whole birthday nonsense, twice.


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I like the setup of the Kingston one, nice square bar in the middle lots of booths to eat in a really classy joint

I used to like it but it was a long time ago. Then again I’m not one of those hoity toity, forgotten their roots, aggpass types.


quite - go back relive old memories get some potatoes skins

Went to the frankie and benny for their alleged ‘all you can eat nuggets’ day

Only allowed to stay for 90 minutes
Only get one plate of 10 at a time
Staff properly ignore you when trying to get more



Harvesters for people who are ashamed of Britain, aren’t they


Worst shitty retail park food options

  • Tgi Fridays
  • Frankie and Bennys
  • Chiquitos
  • Pizza hut
  • Nandos
  • Hungry Horse pub
  • Harvester

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You can keep yor Brexit Harvester!