J Dilla

Had a brief look and couldn’t find a specific thread for him. Would have been his 47th birthday today. Still one of the best to ever do it.


I’ll be 32 this year. Keep thinking that’s the age when Dilla passed away. Couldn’t comprehend when I was 17 just how much he’d achieved for a guy that age, and just how much there still was to come from him. Given just how brilliant Donuts is, he probably hadn’t hit his peak as a musician, which is scary as he was already responsible for shaping hip hop and popular music at large.

On a side note, was listening to Electric Cirus a lot last summer, and while it’s still far from a perfect album, a lot of the production work on it still feels streets ahead of most of the neo-soul revival rap of the 2010s

Also been thinking about that amazing Dilla x DOOM album we were robbed of and how they’re both gone. Bah. RIP.


Welcome II Detroit is also 20 this month. Classic LP that was underrated at the time

The 20th Anniversary edition was released last Friday on streaming platforms

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One of my favourite beats of his


Loved his stuff for De La Soul and Pharcyde (Tribe not so much… :grin:) but after that I didn’t really follow him like a lot of people did. Mostly due to the MCs he worked with. It was probably Jaylib that made me go back though his discography. So much gold in there.

This mix from a few years ago is really good. Stakes is High is still goosebump inducing.

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really enjoying the kutmah dilla mix on nts right now, they’ll have it on playback in a couple of days.

a dilla night a year ago was my last night out before all this. so much fun. not a night out, but did have a dance at the design museum a few weeks ago to their detroit playlist for the electronic exhibition. no dilla there, but been thinking recently that some dilla could dovetail with detroit techno/ electro, these genres are porous.

read the ‘33 1/3’ on donuts the other week and that’s great. more of an autobiography than i expected.

Listening to Donuts and admiring it all over again. Just a perfect album.


Donuts is such a great album. I’m always surprised that although it’s massively influential it doesn’t seem to be that well known, at least with people I’ve spoken to about it.

Dilla’s a funny one. Personally, I always consider him as someone with a pretty rabid fanbase - see people in ‘Dilla Saved My Life’ t shirts at hip hop nights. Not quite MF DOOM level, but definitely a similar kind of fan.

Donuts is a decent album, but I think the story around it and how it was made is the thing that makes it special. Really took on a life of it’s own after he passed.


It was released only a few days before he died though wasn’t it?

I meant the cult of Dilla. Just personally, I don’t remember him being as highly rated when he was alive.

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Donuts has one of my favourite album covers too. Not really such why I love it so much, guess his smile just makes me happy.


@furryfan how does the compare to the countdown you did on old dis?


from a quick scan, reckon under half are on both. all of the top five were, though (apart from ‘last donut…’- only had vocal ones on the old dis countdown. would like access to that)


Funny this was bumped, was only just listening to Donuts again yesterday. I guess it is Dilla Month though!

Can’t wait to get hold of a copy of this…


How cool is this??


The author of this was on DadBodRapPod the other day - inspired me to preorder a copy.

Sounds like it covers a mix of his life as well as his approach to music production. I’m anticipating lots of it being a bit lost on me but we’ll see. Looking forward to it.

Haven’t listened to this version in ages because it got taken down from Sp*tify

Think they never got the sample cleared so most versions of the LP have a very different version that doesn’t bang anywhere near as much.

Soundtracks my February every year the Jaylib record

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