J Don Balonz Hall of Fame


Do you deserve to be in it?


probably not


no I do not


Is this a nickname for your y fronts or something?




Congratulations, you are my first inductee!


yes. i will even come to brooklands to collect my award.


I think I will set up the bit of the track to the side of M&S as my hall. Going to need a litter picking up team in there first though. Comprising of all non-inductees posting in here.




Yes - we could go to Alice Holt Forest after the induction if you fancied? If not then I’ll happily collect my award and then bugger off


I believe the new cafe will be opening soon. Teas and coffees are on me!



More of a Wall of Shame kinda guy.


I’ve done nothing with my life so yes I’d have thought so.


Congratulations on both counts!


So, it’s me, spunky and ccb.

The visitor centre will be fucking rammed.


That’s 2017’s intake dealt with. See you all again early 2018!


You’ve just disrespected @badmanreturns big time. Going to have to reconsider your induction. Respect is one of our core beliefs.


Could I do some of the actual inducting please?


Yeah of course. I’ll be putting together an admin team over the next few weeks. Plus we need further work on core beliefs, pillars, mission statements, that sort of shit.


I’m thinking of something like this for the actual ceremony: