J.J. Cale

Just thought I’d start a JJ Cale thread, cos it’s warm and he’s just very much great and generally lovely stuff. Always seems to sound exactly the same.

Here he is, writing a Spiritualized song for them (tbh it’s quite funny that Run is basically a “John Cale” megamix)

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Recently it was brought to my attention that others have difficulty remembering John Cale and John Cage are different guys, and now I recall in my youth never knowing if J J Cale was also John Cale.

My dad had a few of his albums but Shades Is the only one I know (I think I have a copy somewhere)

i never thought they were the same but i’ve only heard of JJ Cale because he’s right next to John Cale in HMV

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See also: Flamin’ Groovies/Flaming Lips

one of the most beautiful songs of all time.


Always feels like this is the song that Lambchop always wants to make (with the caveat that the only Lambchop album that I’ve ever really listened to was Aw C’mon/No You C’Mon, and I was a teenager at the time)

I might be miles off, though.

Was just wondering if there was a JJ Cale thread. Lovely stuff. Have no recollection of making this one, tbh, and I’ve relatively recently re-got-into his stuff.

Now listening to this edit of Ride Me High, which… kinda works. ngl I was hoping there would be more remixes of JJ Cale songs than there apparently are…

This is my current fave. Just lovely, and so understated. Apparently he was a really, really good guitarist, but none of it ever seems remotely fussy.