Jack Monroe v Katie Hopkins


Some nice news for a Friday


Jack Monroe’s hair is confusing.


Yeah, but it’s also a bit depressing to think that Hopkins has £24K.


Think her whole thing has run its course now, this is the first time she’s been in the real news since the last time she got done for libel.


Lot of money for a tweet, isn’t it?

I disagree completely with her but that’s a heavy price to pay. Don’t drink and tweet, kids.



I like it.


Hopkins could have apologised… instead doubled down.

A lesson for us all…


The Marckee technique


she’s probably got some bullshit clause in her contract where they pay for any libel damages so she can go about spouting bullshit to drive the clicks up


What was it that he didn’t apologise for, I forget?

The first time I mean.


Thinking that the last trains from central London to Surrey, Berkshire and all the other bandit territories left at about 11pm.


I don’t like or dislike it, but I’m intrigued by its construction.


So who’s going to take him for £24K then?


but enough about Theo


Granted, just happy that Jack Monroe is £24K better off as a result.


From what I recall at the time regarding this tweet, it seems that our Katie got Jack Monroe mixed up with Laurie Penny (who actually did tweet something daft about the subject matter in question).

Can’t be arsed to trawl back through twitter to find it but I think this is what happened.


Ah, right. Undercut and lots of hairspray? I went to google images after you posted to see if i could get any better insights but this must be a recent thing because that picture in the bbc article seems to be the only one with that particular style.


Pretty funny if the thing she actually got pinned for was an honest mistake tbh


“The girl who cried sponging bastards” a salutory tale for our times.