Jack White (once again) is out of touch

Is Jack White saying the music scene needs a good kick up the arse/roof blown off?


I wasn’t being entirely serious, though I do like the dancing (or rather, I get a vicarious thrill cringing at the memory of dancing in that style at various indie discos in the early 90s).

There is no shortage of exciting rock bands around atm, either in the US or the UK, but there don’t seem to be any who want to be figureheads for a movement (or even have ambitions beyond gaining a fanbase big enough to support themselves financially), which I guess is probably what Jack White is on about.

I don’t think anyone goes out thinking that they want to be figureheads. It happens more by accident than design.

Maybe. But Kassbian didn’t do so 15 years ago and aren’t going to do it now.

Kasabian are biding their time, perfecting a roof-destroyer to end all…er…roofs?

How about Kasabian’s natural successors, The Hookworms?

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This is on White’s Third Man Records so he must know that Archie & the Bunkers exist…