Oh god. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I remember it from both it happening and then that thread I did about Stacey Solomon.




Don Vito was an actual sex offender as well, right?

Was gonna start doing a thing of very low level pranks on my old flatmate and stunts called Donkey Time. Bisto in his bath, pants in the fridge, that sort of thing. Never got around to it

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i like johnny knoxville
is bad grandpa good?

Oh god the laughter :joy:

I would have absolutely loved to watch they dynamics of that relationship

In Italian restaurant
“Aayyy Stevie, whatcha fancy eating?”
“Dude I’m gonna eat this pizza with a side of PUBES”
“AHAHAHA Stevie you silly fackin’ bugger! You make me piss my pants”
“I love you very much Stacy Solomon”
“Love u 2 Steviepoo”


On the topic of Steve-o it’s really great to see him stay sober after a decade. Dude is ageless and looks handsome af these days


I hope Bam can turn a corner and maintain a life without his dependencies

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yeah, deffo enjoyable if you like him on jackass

Steve-O’s episode of WTF is really, really good.

Think that’s why a love the Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing show so much. Prefer the bits where they’re just mucking around and making each other laugh than the actual fishing


There was a really bleak episode of Vice’s Epically Later’d with Bam Margera. Went through his life, from childhood to now. Got too famous too quick, was too young, surrounded himself with the wrong people, had a shit load of disposable cash and had a full on drug habit and alcohol problem. Watching him trying to skateboard again and get his life back on track, was really tough.


Just looked him up and apparently he was in some alcohol fuelled altercation on a plane literally yesterday. Sad to see.

Never really like him tbh, but it’s a really sad watch

Can you stream any of the series anywhere or is it all up on YouTube in sections? Would happily watch it all again. Only seen 1 of the films, but roared with laughter through it.

Think all the films are on Netflix or Amazon Prime, one or the other anyway

This definitely seems healthy and good!

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Bam has been having a very public meltdown on instagram over the last few days. Sad to see. Dont think he ever got over the death of Ryan Dunn

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Silly boys need entertaining too

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