Jackets (not technical, nor potatoes)

I’m after a woman’s jacket that isn’t oversized, isn’t something from the future, isn’t a bomber, and isn’t “professional lady”. I guess maybe a utility jacket is sort of the vibe I like, except the one I found was oversized and even if I sized down the shoulders are all weird and it’s not flattering unless you’re very thin. It looked very nice online so now I have trust issues with the ones I have found.

I’m short so nothing long but I have a butt that don’t quit so nothing that doesn’t cover that old peach up.

I just don’t know how or where to shop, and whilst I’d like to shop ethically and independently at this point I just don’t care.

People who know about women’s clothing, dress me.

Apparently they’re cheugy

For reference I like these (in black not green) but they’re sold out except in xs.

Had to Google that

I still don’t know what it means tbh

How cool would it be if you had a jacket that had a potato skin pattern, so it was a jacket potato jacket

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you’re welcome

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It would be better than some of the stuff the shops are selling

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I spotted that but its fleece and I want something a bit more flattering, (and I guess more lightweight) it won’t look like that on me!


Oh ok. Lightweight…on it :star_struck:

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That shape is just too boxy for me, maybe because of my big boobs. Maybe I’m just destined to wear an anorak forever

Does that come in yellowish off-white? Because then you could turn it inside out, right, and put a potato skin print on the other side, and


This one? Only available in an 18 though

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That’s really nice but probably too short (the model standing like that doesn’t help) and yeah, wrong size. I love it though!

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Says bomber but it’s longer length!

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Hmm, I think I like this


Do I?

Oh and this


Yes! Yes?