Jackets (not technical, nor potatoes)

In blue! Very good. I like it :star_struck:

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They don’t have my size. Noooooooooo

madewell have a bunch like this but in different colours and prices

pls ignore i fixed the link

What kind of a price range are we talking?

Not much. £50 max

Item can not be returned or exchanged. Ffs.

ugh that should be against the law :rage:

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I bought one of these in black last week and I love it. I went big though cos I prefer my jackets to hide as much of me as possible!

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Yeah I saw these and really liked them but even if I size down oversized doesn’t suit me and makes me look so frumpy. They’re so nice though! Good to hear they’re nice irl too. Maybe when I shift some weight I’ll get one.

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I get you. I’m so used to looking (and feeling) frumpy these days! I definitely don’t care as much as I used to… it’s all about comfort for me now :smiley:

Closes all tabs to Swedish sites


I love a chore jacket.

This is nice. If you like camo (I do).


Not sure if any of these float your boat?


M&S have a few different styles…



I focused on price/lightweight casual style. Had no idea how expensive some of them could be! I wasn’t on the John Lewis pages for very long… :grimacing:


Yeah, I found loads of good ones …in the €199-€479 range :worried:

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I have no suggestions but want to echo that buying coats and jackets is hard.

Found it surprisingly hard to find a normal winter coat last couple of times I’ve needed one. Like i want something waterproof that covers my arse and has pockets and is warm, how hard is it? I seem to remember finding that normal black coats were in short supply and I could only find, like, lurid pink or colours that both are boring and don’t go with everything, like army green, two opposite ends of the scale. And any that were black had some kind of stupid feature like they’re shiny or only waist length.

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My girlfriend likes her Protected Species jacket.

She waited ages, until they had a sale, and was able to get one for a fairly reasonable price.

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I’m in an endless loop of indecision about a spring jacket. I need one but just can’t make up my mind at all. I don’t even know what style I want :joy:

Ordered a couple things off Everlane recently and have been very happy.

There’s a couple Chore coats on there that are right around the £50 price point. Though no black as far as I could see.


Yeah, I liked those ones but none of the colours they had (except a rust one that’s only in one tiny size)