Jack's by Tesco

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Should get Blur on board to rerecord ‘Tesco’ Jacks for the promos.


Are aldi and lidl that much cheaper than tesco? If so why?



Bulk buying of Frostos and Choco Poops

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They only employ a total of three checkout assistants between them


In Ireland ‘jacks’ is slang for toilet.


Interested to see what their beer selection is like.

absolute state of that logo/font


you go to Tesco and theres 8 different kinds of ketchup. go to aldi and theres 1.



no one needs 8 different types of ketchup. i’m sure they do a chili one anyway, which makes two. also you can often get sriracha mayo in aldi.

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Different supply chains I’d imagine, and a want to keep the ‘Tesco’ brand and values maybe

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To save costs which will ultimately be passed on to you, the customer, your local supermarket has decided to consolidate its baked beans supplier to Heinz.

Anyone been in one of the massive tesco extras recently?

They’re so shite now, just the same range as a normal tesco but you have to walk 4x as far.

All the extra aisles were just filled with literally thousands of rucksacks that no one will ever buy


Haven’t seen a normal Tesco is ages, either express or extra round here (I’m not a city dweller mind)

None. I agree.

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I went to one of the huge ASDAS recently, near City’s ground. It was like a small town, ffs. There must’ve been sixty aisles.

Plays a bigger part than you’d imagine in shareholder decisions.