Jackson's Champion White Bloomer

Best supermarket-stocked sliced loaf, isn’t it?

It’s the best thing since… um

Jackson’s Runner Up White Bloomer

All bread records are due to be re-set, due to bread-doping :frowning:

Fucking Sebastian Cob.

What does this mean for Colin Jackson’s??

Give us today, our Daley Thompson

I’ve never had the white one but the brown one is tops

keep up foppyish, we’re on to bread/athletics puns now

Probably, but only because Warburtons are Tories and therefore to be ignored.

only bread broken since 2005 recognised

oh wait, you’ve already done that :slight_smile:


Dough Farah is rising up against this proposal, I believe.

Snob alert: I don’t know, haven’t bought a sliced loaf for probably over 5 years.

Mate, I bake all my own bread.

never had it

Does a slice fit properly in a toaster? Can’t stand sliced bread that doesn’t.

My day to day fave is Hovis thick sliced granary