Jacobite Thread for 2020 #historyweekspecial

Hello friends and fellow true believers in the King across the Water!

Following on from the great success of the 2019 Jacobite thread, I thought I should set up another safe place for us to discuss the true monarchy. I note the cause had some national press this summer, a great showing to be sure, as we must admit we made little progress in removing the usurper during the last twelve months:

As it is History Week, I’d like to open up this space to talk about other exiled monarchies, pretenders (not that HM King Francis is a pretender) and quirks of genealogy that I find so fascinating.

Look at this dude!

And this lad!

And these absolute players!


Don’t forget this lad


One of the great episodes of TV

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Quite enjoy your ongoing commitment to this

my boy. look at how soft his hair looks!!

not that i’m a pretender to the throne or anything but there’s a mildly believable family rumour that my great-grandpa was an illegitimate son of Edward VII, which would make the queen my second cousin once removed. (ABOLISH PERVO!)


Absolutely love the brass balls on this fella, just announcing a new Russian empire. More power to him

here’s something I didn’t know until recently:

surnames in English that begin with Fitz are normally derived from the name given to illegitimate children of nobles and royals. So Fitzwilliam is someone who’d dad was William. Fitzroy is someone whose Dad was the King - roy being dervied from the French Roi or King. Bit like John Snow and that.

However some people just adopted the name Fitzroy as a means of claiming royal lineage and therefore power, without definitive evidence.


Holy shit this guy is fascinating, his ex-wife went off and married the Aga Khan

His new nation, just wonderful, wonderful stuff

In early 2017, it was reported that Bakov was interested in acquiring three islands belonging to Kiribati in order to establish a “revived Romanov Empire”. On 24 February 2017, the Kiribati government rejected Bakov’s proposal for the islands. Bakov later claimed it wasn’t the final decision and that it was related to an inner Kiribati political struggle.

As of May 2020, Bakov’s current plans are to build the islands off the coast of Venice

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King Roy

all these lads

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Oh yeah this is good shit, cheers

Surely the most notable one of these lads is Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria who was the last monarch before they abolished it in the 40s, when he was still a wean. He lived in exile in Spain until 2001 when he returned, formed a political party and was promptly elected, serving four years as Prime Minister and a further four as part of a ruling coalition. Thats how you reclaim a throne, lads.


Lovely stuff

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Great bunch of cheap wine

Over the past couple of months there’s been a twitter poll running amongst architect types, called the WORLD CUP OF PARLIAMENTS.

Most of the favourites and leading contenders were modernist examples, and most expected something like Brasilia or Dhaka to win.

That was until Budapest came up. It’s beloved by weirdo Trad-Architecture right-wingers, despite it only being built a little over a 100 years ago, but they weren’t really involved in the poll as it was quite low-key.

Then one of the last remaining Hapsburgs decided to get involved, and basically mobilised an army of US-based fash-adjacent supporters to bombard this small twitter poll with votes in every round. You could see when they’d log in, because it would be in last place throughout the day, before suddenly surging to victory overnight.

So, in summary, fuck the Hapsburgs.


The family motto


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This tweet reminded me that Cork was involved in the Jacobite cause

We also supported Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck, which resulted in Cork being nicknamed The Rebel County.

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And we shall never forget your service

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