Jade Goody's son is a good actor

Bobby Brazier. He’s good in EastEnders.


Won an award last night and did a pretty charismatic speech as well for a 20 year old.

He will go right to the very top

Harry Redknapp at West Ham fans meeting in 1996


Bobby Braizer but Tommy roasted me

Looks the absolute spit of her, facially


Mistook this given the hairstyles as saying he’d star in Harry Redknapp, the movie


How do I always know when it’s gonna be a bs post

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I know someone who used to live next to Jeff and Bobby and the rest of the clan. Absolutely nothing to report, exemplary neighbours apparently.

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Find him really annoying in it

Read an interview with him a while ago, came across as a right good wee lad.

Nice to see famous offspring do well so early in life! Lucky breaks i guess