Jag Amnesty December 2016


Indie schmindie nonsense from me.

Feel free to hop on to this thread to promote your own brand of crap.


Rest assured, if I listened to anyone’s music on here I would give this a spin.


I like this


“off guard” is great


various bits and pieces up here (all electronic and all instrumental)


I put out an album of alt rock/post-metal ish music a couple weeks ago. Putting together all the CDs and posting them out today.


This is dead nice too. Well done DiS people.


my band put our first 12" release out this year.


Here’s a couple of live recordings. Should have some studio stuff early next year:


Bloody great! So much talent in DiS


Has there been a DiS best-of compilation?


we put out our first single in june, no money for vinyl sadly


Cheers pal, its on spotify etc as well. Bandcamp is a bit annoying for streaming

ty <3

bit of a departure from your foo fighters stuff but nice work, pal

will get around to all these


You ARE Dave Grohl and I claim my £5


smooth as fuck m8

enjoyed this, you guys are good live



These look gorgeous.


Nah it’s nice and reminded me of Doves
Do you like Doves


I think I heard them a couple of times. Can’t remember anything about them.

Going to listen now to see what you mean.


Hello all. Here’s an album I recorded this year with my band. Described as post-rock/noise by a few the last time I did a JAG thread on it.