JAG! DiS' Guide to 2017 📻

As you may be aware, DiS now has a monthly radio show on Soho Radio and we’re currently looking to evolve it a little and get a sponsor. Our latest radio show is guide to 2017 is archived here to stream on demand

More info:

Danielle Perry and I recorded the show this week, which is now available to stream on-demand. 'Twas a guide to 2017 with loads of acts we know have albums due, and some we hope are back.

Plus Independent Venue Week’s founder dropped by for the last half hour, but before that we played some brand new acts, pondered what it means to break a band nowadays, I confessed to my current obsession, and Danielle shared her theory that Netflix trailer music is now a genre.

Autolux - Soft Scene
The Shins - Dead Alive
Brian Eno - Reflection
Jesca Hoop - The Lost Sky
CHROMATICS - Kill for Love (Drumless)
Katy Perry - Firework
Sløtface - Shave My Head
Artificial Pleasure - I’ll Make It Worth Your While
Uffie - Difficult
Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline)
Nadine Shah - Stealing Cars’
Duke Garwood - Cold Blooded (Bloodline Version)
Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
Temples - Keep In The Dark
Fever Ray - Triangle Walks
I Break Horses - Denial
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Lorde - Tennis Court
Juanita Stein - Stargazer
Girl Band - Pears for Lunch
The Charlatans - Then

Our 5th radio show is online here: https://mixcloud.com/sohoradio/drowned-in-sound-09012017/

Hey speaking of Netflix Trailer Music, can anyone help me?

You know when you hover over the original Gilmore Girls series (NOT the new one that came out last year), and it shows a montage of clips from the entire series? The music that plays over that is fantastic, but I’ve been unable to identify it. It won’t Shazam.

It sounds a lot like the Delgados circa Hate, but it’s instrumental.

What sorta bunse we lookin’ at for ye ol’ sponsorooni, seano?

what was the thinking behind not playing any CHOONS, sean?

Choons [citation needed]

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Not sure yet but it’s kinda bringing in funds for the time involved (with a bit more time we can do some interesting stuff on air and with the show) and marketing the on-demand stream. Anything day job related that you’re thinking of or just curious?

Still won’t for an explanation of what choons I was missing (come at me bro!)

The Fratellis? Razorlit? You’ve missed all the bangers.

Still waiting for new Peppermint Apes tbh tbf


Whilst I’m jagging… If you don’t like to hear my voice (I don’t blame you) you can also get a weekly dose of music selected by me on Spotify and that.

Giving this a little bump as the last half an hour is all about Independent Venue Week which comes to an end this weekend.

Currently plotting the next show, which airs Feb 6th from 2-4pm. Planning a touring special looking ahead at some upcoming tours and festivals. Hoping to have a tour manager help to explain how Brexit and Visa costs will affect touring. Any other topics you’d like to know more about to do with live music?