[jag] worriedaboutsatan October tour

hey-oooo, we’re off on tour in October. Be good to see some of you down there!

Tickets and info here:


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With Pye Corner Audio!!!

oh yes! :slight_smile: we played with him in February in London, so thought we’d bring him up north this time

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I may have no choice but to attend.

Is it true he does his stuff using tape recorders instead of laptops?

there are no tape recorders, but there are no laptops either! it’s all hardware.

Right. There.

That should be read as “Right. I’m there,” not “right there” said through gritted teeth.

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Hope I can make this one

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Nice! should be a good one, that manchester gig. took ages to sort out! don’t ever say we don’t do anything for you :wink:

Little bump for this, especially as Sim Hutchins, who joins us in London, has a new EP out today on Lee Gamble’s label UIQ: https://boomkat.com/products/vantablank-stare-ep

We’ve added a new date, and have been told by the Soup Kitchen that a quarter of all tickets have already gone for that date, so get in if you want a ticket!

oops, forgot to update this since July…

Manchester is now sold out, London has 7 tickets left (WeGotTickets | Simple, honest ticketing | worriedaboutsatan in London) and we’re putting out a tape of our last album on oct 14th. Looks well nice, and it’ll be on the merch stall at each gig:


London’s just sold out now as well :slight_smile:


Yo worriers. Where’s the Bristol love :frowning:

ah, y’know I’m as gutted as you are - all we’ve ever had from Bristol is fucking ace times, so we tried to get another show for this tour, but there was a bit of chatter that some people didn’t like the venue we use there (Cafe Kino), so we attempted to find somewhere else, but being and out of town band, and having limited budget meant we couldn’t find anywhere!

fingers crossed we can work something out for next year.

Oh, and if you wondered who we have on tour with us this time, we did a little mix for the quietus to showcase their talents: The Quietus | News | LISTEN: worriedaboutsatan Tour Mix

Speaking of mixes, here’s one for Groove. Has a new track in there from us that we’ll be playing on this tour for the very first time ever: http://groove.de/2017/10/13/worriedaboutsatan-groove-podcast-128-this-is-it-forever/

Yo, this starts on Wednesday in London!