Jagger by name

Hey all. Think I can get away with this, seeing as I posted on the old boards for six years and still play football with some of you.

I finished my epic novel! Here it is: https://www.createspace.com/6847992

I’m probably soon to make it Kindle-available too, so if that’s your preference, let me know in order to accelerate this process.

IDK what to say now. Read it, if you like? Berate me for self-publishing? Ask for my opinions on the forthcoming England ODI series? Laugh at Charlton?


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Matbe tell us what it’s about? :slight_smile:


Demented skyriding rave-up. Modernist fairytale. Prog opus.
Authored by Louis Jagger
Edition: 1

Dolly has had the world’s first successful head transplant. She’s a poet who starts a doomed romance with Victor, who’s also a poet. The romance soon culminates in mutual self-destruction, which is where their lives begin to get interesting. Meanwhile, two soldiers have a close encounter on a film set. One is banished from the present moment; the other is scrambled and reborn as an aeroplane called England, on the run from the Ministry while playing in the craziest rock band Horshead has known. Elsewhere, homeless Gina befriends nine-year-old rich-kid Pinkush, with unprecedented results. Then there’s the gang of schoolkids who invent a new religion. Then there’s the other gang of schoolkids who invent a new religion. Then there are the talking bats.

Conceived in dreams, packed with linguistic largesse and hopelessly caught in the thrall of music such as Cardiacs, Levitation Seeks Head is a completely insane freakout that took five years to write and which aims to synthesise the limitless ambition of high surrealist fiction with a sort of ecstatic pastoralism while taking various left-hand paths which aren’t even there.

It’s basically Stieg Larsson

Just read the first page and have been weeping since, mostly at the sheer holistic achievement of it all.


Hi loui



One of the great books, imho.

Kindle version would make it a lot easier!

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Oof. Tried to convert it for Kindle, the preview was completely garbled. Not sure this one’s going to work tbh. Will keep at it. Maybe you can be one of the lucky ones who knows me in person and gets a free copy…

$16.95! The only book I would spend that sort of money on would be Bravo Three Zero (or would it be Bravo Two One? Charlie Two Zero? @chris_is_cool ).


well done loui!

If I could read I would certainly try and read this




I’d love to read this but I have no means of reading ebooks. Will there ever be a physical edition? If not, can you copy and paste it into this thread?

Ignore my second question.

You don’t own a phone or a tablet?

It is a physical book isn’t it?

I don’t own a tablet and my phone’s dying a slow death.

This is terrible news. You can join @JDonBalonz @saps and me on the OnePlus3 side.

Why is this priced in dollars? This makes me not want to buy til the exchange rate improves