Jai Paul



What happened to that guy?

BTSTU will be ten years old next year.



Ha I was thinking about him only a couple of days ago, AK Paul too. Fuuuuck 10 years old :disappointed_relieved:


Who does he think he is? My Vitriol??

Would really like to hear more from him obviously but I worry that “his moment has passed” or however you want to put it.


In what way is it ten? As far as I’m aware it was released in 2011 and floating about in 2010


Like, maybe he wrote it ten years ago but that doesn’t count


Carry on like this and it’ll be twenty years, sunshine


Blimey, twenty years. Certainly makes you feel old!


First publicity shot in about 5 years. And boy is it a doozy.


This is the best bit of music news I have seen in ages. Musician fawned over by 10’s of people who have been waiting for his first album like the second coming of christ shows up in property magazine. Still no new music in 5ish years and yet still manages to make onto nearly every music website going. Brilliant trolling.


Kinda this. But also, I love Jai Paul


Me too but it is so funny at the same time.


I thought the musician fawned over bit was a dig. Yeah it’s brilliant :smiley:


These 2 new songs from institute are really brilliant. Can’t post them yet cause they are only available through the website paul.institute and you have to have been signed up from when AK Paul put out landcrusin. Suspect they’ll be everywhere in a bit.


I Just got a text from him…

2 new artists on his label that him and his brother are working with it seems. Fucking put the album out already Jai!


Are they actually real artists? Or is this just them being silly beggars?

Either way I’m enjoying them.


According to their bios Fabiana’s done a bit with Sampha, Jessie Ware and SBTRKT but Ruthven is a firefighter from Lewisham who’s never done any recording before :grinning:



new tracks from Fabiana and Ruthven.


Even more released.

Masquerade is bonkers.