Very very rarely have jam on toast or whatever but always enjoy it when I do. Might start getting more into it. Not gonna make my own, obviously and I prefer the ones without any bits in but I reckon this might be the winter I eat more jam. What jam is good?

And yes, jam means several other things and was the name of a TV programme, very droll.

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Is marmalade jam?

For the sake of this thread, marmalade is jam.


Bonne Maman is good jam. Either the raspberry or blackcurrant are very nice.


I really like marmalade.

My mum makes an amazing chilli jam (perfect for cheese and crackers) - might put my order in for Chrimbles now

You’re entitled to my opinion on jam.

It’s quite nice

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Good. Probably prefer marmalade to yer regular jams, though I’ll have raspberry jam on toast occasionally.

Not meaning to derail the thread but

I agree

Really hope Bonne Maman do the jam advent calendar again this year as i missed out and some of the flavours looked incredible

Always alternate betweem a dark and a light.

Light is usually gooseberry or apricot or marmalade
Dark is raspberry in spring summer, blackcurrant for autumn, cherry i guess too. Must just go rogue in winter

Have come around to strawberry this year as it happens.

I like jam but nothing beats butter on its own.

Other jam news: i used to spread it lightly and now i pile it on.

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My dad puts a spoonful of jam in his rice pudding, fyi.


Alright, Alan Styles

good filling in a doughnut too


I had a jam pudding last night with a scoop of ice cream


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gosh i’m hungry

even TKC is on board!


bit of jam is also good for livening up a boring cereal, ie weetabix IMO



  • Apricot with Bergamot Spread
  • Fig with Cardamom Extra Jam
  • Mirabelle Plum with Linden Blossom Spread
  • Peach with Jasmine Flower Spread
  • Apricot and Peach Jam
  • Strawberry with Star Anise Spread
  • White Nectarine and Peach with Lemon Verbena Spread
  • Peach with Mint Spread
  • Pineapple and Yuzu Extra Jam
  • Strawberry and Redcurrant
  • Orange with Cinnamon Marmalade
  • Pear with Cocoa nibs Spread
  • Cherry with Spices Extra Jam
  • Strawberry with Verbena Spread
  • Orange, Yuzu and Grapefruit Marmalade
  • Apple with Caramel and Cinnamon Spread
  • Cherry with Elderflower Spread
  • Mango, Raspberry and Lime Spread
  • Sweet Orange and Mandarin Marmalade
  • Rhubarb and Strawberry Extra Jam
  • Chestnut and Orange with Spices Spread
  • Mirabelle Plum with Spices Extra Jam
  • Grapefruit and Dragon Fruit Spread