James Blake 2021

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I like this, the voices intertwine in quite a pleasing way.

Not too fussed on the level of collabs on this album- feels a bit odd. Glad to see the tracklist on the new one trimmed down

Not sure he could best his earliest stuff though. ST was a proper important thing for me back in 2011 or whatever and you can still hear it today in all the SoundCloud shite

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Best album of his. Always found the other ones just liking the odd song.

Speaking of collabs, I think this is my favourite thing he’s ever done.

Those voices together.

Always this for me:

Although I’m really liking Can’t Believe The Way We Flow

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Didn’t realise he was dating Jameela Jamil

Had a browse through the norman records reviews when looking for a pre-order. Shocked at how really nasty they are - managing to be casually sexist, racist, and crass about mental health across these three.

James Blake:
"I wish he’d shut his stupid vocodered trap for a bit though. Imagine having this twat & Jamie Lidell doing a duet in your living room? “Right love, get the sweeping brush out, some fuckers done a big android soul turd on the carpet…”

“I’m not impressed either by the vaunted RZA collaboration ‘Take A Fall For Me’ sounding like the musical equivalent of a violent gang member being invited to to a middle class dinner party and having to be on his best behaviour.”

Assume Form:
“Anyway the crybaby songster (we say that simply because it pisses him off so much) has a new record out”

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Norman Records reviews are awful, they need to move on from that terrible music snob negativity that most publications left behind a decade ago.

I also think that Overgrown review should also be flagged up to them on twitter as being not OK


Very big fan of James Blake’s clumsy mentions of technology. The TV and I got a lot of mileage out of singing ‘put that way and talk to me’ when one of us was glued to their phone.

Looking forward to replacing that now with the Power On lyrics ‘drop a pin on the mood you’re in’

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Me and my gf had an on-going thing with a different lyric from the same song for a while. She moved out of my flat for a few months back when Colour In Anything came out.

Every time she came round, I’d load up the song so he was singing ‘I’m not living here, I’m not living here anymore. I don’t live here anymore’ just as she came through the front door.

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:rotating_light: NEW ANDRE 3000 VERSE :rotating_light:

(Enjoyed the album on first listen. Really like the track with ROSALÍA.)

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Hmmm yeah I’ll send them a message about this, it’s definitely not OK.


i just realised i don’t remember anything on that last album other than bon iver being on it - in fact i’d completely forgotten it existed tbh

first song on this new one is pretty bad, seems all over the place and he sounds well Chris Martin in places

think me and ol’ jimmy might be done here

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Has one of those bullshit vertical videos on Spotify. No thanks m9

The middle section on this new one is pretty enjoyable and a solid run of songs for me, from Tell Them to Where’s the Catch. Feels a lot more varied than Colour in Anything, not sure if that’s for better or worse yet.

I love the run of I’ll Come Too, Power On and Don’t Miss It.

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Not taken with this atm. Imo he’s not done anything that could match up to those first EPs and the ST

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Still doing this shite then. Majorly off putting

Didn’t think I was that into this on first listen but I have been going back to it all weekend, that Rosalia track is really something.

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