James Cameron v Patty Jenkins



Not actually seen Wonder Woman. Is he right then?


Probably right but a man telling a woman “how to feminist” is off too so, idk, both in the bin tbh


James Cameron in being grumpy, argumentative git shocker

Plus I think he’s still annoyed that ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow beat him to an Oscar


Is he ‘mansplaining’… ? :thinking:



These crossover money fights are getting ridiculous


His argument basically boils down to “you can’t be a kick ass woman AND an attrative, it’s one or the other.”

Seems to me that he’s clearly in the wrong.


Yeah there’s probably something to be said about Wonder Woman embodying a relatively shallow archetype but then a considerable number of male superheroes are like that and no-one bats an eyelid.

Like Patty Jenkins said it should be possible for a female superhero to embody all the characteristics of a male hero and not be judged for that purely because she’s female.