James Corden gets a lot of hate but

it’s nowhere near enough


idgi tbh. i don’t like him but i don’t know what he gets so much attention for, negative or otherwise. i guess I haven’t seen much of him.
this is one of the all time greatest posts on this website.


He once did an AMA on Reddit that went very poorly, and apparently he’s just an all-round dickhole.

Also he tried to get his writers lower pay, apparently

Him being a [bad egg] is well documented but one of the only lucid times I can remember him being pulled up on it is this clip where Jimmy Kimmel exploits the, in that moment demonstrably true, rumour that JC doesn’t know any of the staff on his own TV show

Everything he does is performative. He does that a sincere bone in his body

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Fucking hate James Corden


What’s his deal? He’s big on the television over here, has a late night show I think, something with people singing karaoke in cars (ok enough to hate right there). Is he a tory or something?

Just chalk him up to another rich British guy on American television, (i.e. Gordon Ramsey)

Think a lot of the hate comes from a place of bemusement, he was a character actor in a couple of dramas and comedies, then he co-wrote and starred in a popular sitcom, then suddenly out of nowhere he seemed to become a megastar and Hollywood royalty. It’s almost a bit Gervais like.

Also there are loads of stories of him being a dick though a lot of that is probably looking for things to dislike him more because they already dislike him


It was the Speech Debelle thing that was discussed extensively on the old boards which first highlighted him to me as not only annoying but an egotistical cunt who was willing to make everything about him at the expense of anyone who conveniently gets in his way.

Since then, there’s just been story after story confirming how much of a narcissistic cunt he really is.

Probably shouldn’t use this word

I had literally never known that was a thing, will stop using that word as well. Dang, I quite liked it…

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i enjoy watching limmy watching carpool karaoke though. I’ll give him that. He invokes good content fron limmy.


I’ve recently enjoyed how awful everything about this clip is

Honestly think he’s amongst the worst people in the world after watching this (skip to about 2:45)

Got way too much of an ego after his, admittedly show stealing, role in Fat Friends

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Well, now I know… I literally thought it was a throwaway insult. Thanks for flagging it

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Him singing Nothing Compares 2 U with Coldplay is the worst

The leg. Can’t stop thinking about it cheers Limmy.

He has got such a nerve to come on and criticise someone after he did this with Mat Horne at the Secret Policeman’s Ball. It left me speechless at the time that they thought that was good enough for a live TV show.

Decent enough actor. I’ve said for years that I can accept him playing someone else, but when he plays James Corden I have to switch off.