James O'Brien (still alive)

90% of all human endeavour now is an attempt to go viral



Everyone’s pivoted to video now grandad (because video gets way more engagement on social media that audio)

He says some things I agree with sometimes, but on balance he’s a douche


I like him dismantling Brexit chumps. It is like watching a terrible driver try to parallel park. There is no net benefit in the end - they haven’t learned to do it better - but they’ve both managed to park the car and I’ve felt smug about watching them do a bad job.

Everyone pivoted to video a few years ago and has now realised that it doesn’t generate more clicks than written text as facebook fudged the engagement stats.

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The fuck is he even talking about

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Seem pretty much the same apart from I guess James O’Brien isn’t such a big fan of people being able to rape kids.


wait what

I did not know this about Jonathan pie

Isn’t he all pally with the previously pro pedo libertarians?

Uhhhhh that’s pretty libellous, no?

he ain’t a shy guy no more

The new Harry Potter book needed a better title.

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I rlly hope that’s a thing. My anxiety just went through the roof.

oh the living marxism/spiked lot.

he is part of that crew iirc.

That may be but video still outperforms audio.

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Racist John did him there.

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