Any love for James in here? There has to be!

Just bought tickets to their mini-tour with Happy Mondays next year.
Still a few left, although they seem to be going fast.

Sit down.


me and one of my friends - since we were both called James - occasionally used to call to each other saying “oh sit down, oh sit down, sit down next to me” at the start of lessons

I was very popular


Enjoyed their Best Of, not much grabbed me outside of that but I imagine it would be the majority of their show so would definitely see them live.

Might be a good HGATR, though suspect they’d not score highly.

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I quite like the ‘Laid’ & ‘Whiplash’ albums and they were a good singles band. My big sister used to play her 7" of ‘Born of Frustration’ a lot circa 1992.

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Can’t stand them sorry. Love the Mondays though.

Saw them at a very crowded Scala a couple of years ago. They were great but the star spot of the evening was Stuart Pearce making his way through the crowd. Looked every bit as grumpy as he did on the pitch, tbf, but as a natural scowler myself I didn’t take it personally.


Come Home was prety good, then most of what they did between Seven and Laid was fine. Pretty bloody awful after that.

They had a great run of albums with Gold Mother, Seven and Laid.

Then they lost me a bit with a few albums but i really like Hey Ma, and can enjoy Pleased To Meet You and Millionaires as well.
Not so fond of their latest stuff though.

Both of these are fucking brilliant


I’ve seen them at festivals and depending on the set list they have either been great late afternoon fun or pretty boring. Like a lot of the singles but can’t quite get my head around how they can tour this size venue.

Always loved Destiny Calling the one off single for the greatest hits. Which is rare as usually the “new” single for the greatest hits rarely warrant their place.

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One of my all time favourite bands and I will generally try and see them whenever they tour, but I’m not going near Wembley Arena. This tour is not for me.

There is a new album due next summer, so hoping that they’ll tour that across some smaller venues as well as the big Christmas shows. Last time I saw them on the Extraordinary Times tour was at Margate Winter Gardens. They’ve always been an absolute joy live.

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I absolutely love the Laid album, have listened to it more times than I dare count and think it’s hugely underrated.

Saw them live in Brisbane a few years back, had a great time, was a “the hits” setlist, would recommend.

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One of the most irritating bands out there. Just a bunch of novelty songs really, put them alongside The Beautiful South


The “hits” set-lists are few and far between these days. Normally get a good 50/50 split of those big songs plus the newer material. Normally results in a Twitter spat or a bit of aggro from the stage. They’ve also been known to close bars at venues during their performances to stop the “just the hits” fans from wandering off. I totally get where they’re coming from, but they I can readily admit they can be a bit wanky at times.

Laid is a perfect album as far as I’m concerned. A true 10/10. And Gold Mother, Seven, Whiplash all run it very close. Stutter is a curious beast, so different to the stadium indie that came so soon after (Strip-Mine already hints at what’s to come with Gold Mother). Yeah, there was a bit of a mid-career lull from Millionaires through to Girl At The End Of The World, but there is still some gold to be found on all those albums.

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My James story is that when I was away at university a new family moved in two doors down from my mum and she said she’d spoken to them and the dad of the family had told her he was the drummer in the band James. My sister and I then went round telling everyone that the drummer from James was our neighbour. We never actually spoke to him after that because we were a bit starstruck.
About 10 years later, I saw James at Latitude and thought, hang about, that’s not our neighbour drumming, what’s going on. Got home and looked up my neighbour, turned out he was the drummer in a band that once toured with James in the 80s and really wasn’t famous at all.


Also adore this


Yes! Tomorrow is one of my funeral songs.