Jamie Oliver’s latest crusade



I get what he’s trying to do but please stop making everything more expensive and try and make healthier food cheaper instead.

It’s such a shitty way of trying to affect change.

Only rich people can be trusted to drink milk in moderation


Veganpost incoming…

Everyone should stop drinking milk anyway because it’s gross


I don’t have milk either but that’s not the point


I’ll give Jamez more leeway than most because of how much I like his recipe books, but milk is one of my favourite things, whether it’s pure, chocolate flavoured, or yogurt.


The best


And probably just as damaging for your health as sugar is


Everybody should be consuming less (ideally no) dairy, though. It’s a good campaign. Dairy farming is horrendous, but leaving that ethical argument to one side. We as humans are, I suspect, the only species that drinks another species’ milk.We’re just not meant to drink cow’s milk. it’s extremely indigestible owing to the nature of the proteins in the milk. There are far better ways to get protein and calcium. Also, if you think about what milk is (i.e. a secretion/ mucous produced by a mother for feeding her young) then I question why it should be consumed in any other context than that.

I’m not suggesting that dairy should be cut from children’s diets altogether (my son eats cheese, and will get the odd cup of cow’s milk if I can’t be bothered breastfeeding), but it is massively overconsumed from toddler age and above with some children drinking a pint a day or more (which is horrendous). Cutting out milk is a great place to start in remedying this failure in balanced diet.



Counterpoint, milk is delicious.


Also what the fuck is this awful Tory bumlicking all about. Ooh save us aunt Theresa, you’re our only hope


bacon though lol


Let me introduce you to a man called Jamie Oliver


Milk and bacon, epic combo.




The pictures don’t even look like the people they’re meant to be.


Too narrow a stance, for a start.


That drawing looks nothing like Big Phil Hammond


You’d think the weird Tory power pose would be a natural fit for superhero caricatures, this whole thing is a farce.


Damian Hinds is closest.



not like jamie oliver to semi-skim over the real issues and milk a situation