Jamiroquai - Automaton FULL ALBUM REVIEW


As a massive Jamiroquai fan, this just made my week! Thoughts? :smiley:


Theres no such thing as a massive Jamiroquai fan




Only a massive Jamiroquai fan?


Err dunno what you mean



Thats what I put, didnt edit it honest


By wearing clothes the same colour as your chair you look like you have no neck and big mafioso shoulders. It’s a strong look and one that I shall be using in future.


Well there’s an unwatchable video if ever I …didn’t watch one. Because he talks. In short bursts. Like Jeff. Stelling. Or the kid with asthma. On Malcom. In The Middle.

Anyway, I like Jamiroquai. The Return of the Space Cowboy is genuinely in my top 10 albums, full of great stuff. Since then they’ve gradually tapered off to the point where I don’t really care about this new album, but I’ll probably give it a listen. And be disappointed. Bring back the shameless Stevie Wonder days.


Return of the Space Cowboy is still totally brilliant, even if he was a dickhead.




Sounds like an insult tbh

“Oh, fuck off, you massive Jamiroquai fan”


I think it is!