Jamiroquai not?!


Canned beats

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Archetypal pop star who got progressively blander the more famous he became. Wasn’t known as twat in the hat for nothing.

Once read an interview where he spent the entire time talking about how he had “rogered” (sic) two Brazilian fans after a gig. He seemed more impressed with that than he did the album he was supposedly there to promote.

Twat in the Hat indeed.

there aren’t even any cows in space.

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This thread is virtual insanity.

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I owned four Jamiroquai singles as a teenager. Four!

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Favourite Jammy Mirror track?

  • Cosmo Grills
  • Creeper Underwater
  • Vulture Instability
  • Linked Beers
  • Speccy Cowtoys
  • Fanned Deets

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I am a big Jamiroquai fan. Enjoy the thread.


  • Spamiroquai

Superb singles band/artist. ‘Automaton’ from the last album is a genuine banger.


I can’t stand them/him/it and their beige, but still irritating, radio-friendly output. Possibly my most hated band of all time.

The song of the Godzilla soundtrack was about as tolerable as it gets.

I have just been told I am sat opposite the house of the bass player from Jamiroquai. He lives in the same village as my friends mum.

Does it have a blue plaque?

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Noel Gallagher interview:
What’s your all-time favourite Liam story?
The funniest thing Liam ever did was at that Sony showcase in 1993. All those suits, no-one knew who the fuck we were but Liam just didn’t give a shit. Anyway, we go to the bogs, and who’s there having a slash but Jamiro-fucking-quai. Liam goes to have a waz in the urinal to the left of him, me to the right. Suddenly, in mid-slash he leans over, and right in Jamiroquai’s ear, he goes (emulating Jay Kay “scat” at deafening volume): “Diddi-dit-dit-de-deee-dit-di-deee!” I laughed so hard I pissed all over my trousers.

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Obviously I’ll stick up for them – fantastic musicians, great songs and I’ve played with them twice.

This is one of my favourite videos:

So tight. Would 100% listen to over anything Liam Gallagher puts his name to.