Jamos's 100 Greatest Rap Albums

a lot of countdowns these days, people are probably getting sick of them

nobody asked for this but it’s happening anyway! the USP of this list is that it’s genre specific. that’s right we’re keeping it niche, ‘cause suckers be like playin’ themselves to have mass appeal.

2 album per artist maximum, because arbitrary limits are important.

disclaimer: i’ve not discounted anyone for ethical reasons. some of the artists may have done bad things (and in kanye’s case, will no doubt have done something else terrible by the time we’re done with the list) but there are other threads to discuss all that. basically, please don’t yell at me in my nice thread.

i guess you can yell at me about my picks though, because i have made some :sparkles: terrible choices :sparkles:


never made a thread before, what a rush



  1. Ma$e - Harlem World.

100. Jay-Z - Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter (1999)

a few years ago, jay-z ranked all his albums and had this one down near the bottom. jay-z also cheated on beyonce, so y’know, i question his judgement. vol 2 established him as the biggest star in the game, this is the victory lap. hov at his cockiest, swaggering over beats from timbaland, swizz beatz, and rockwilder. there are jay albums with more to say, but none that are as fun to listen to him say it.


no spoilers!

Snoopy Track is the best of all the Jay-Z songs imo


99. Atmosphere - Seven’s Travels (2003)

this is the hardest one on the list to justify, since it definitely isn’t one of the 100 greatest rap albums. it probably isn’t even atmosphere’s best album… but man, I played this thing to death when it came out. listening to it now, it’s too long and undeniably patchy, but the good stuff is still pretty good i think.

you don’t really get stuff like this these days. guess drake usurped them as the main influence for in their feelings aspiring white rappers. a shame, imo.


This, along with Fantastic Damage, Personal Journals and Labor Days, were my intro into early 00s indie rap. The albums that got me back into rap after going full metal/hardcore. They definitely have about 3/4 albums/EPs better than this, but some of the songs off it hit that good nostalgia spot.


shoutout to the high & mighty on the THPS 2 soundtrack

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B-Boy Document 99? Think that’s the only song of theirs I know tbh. Banger though.

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98. City Girls - Girl Code (2018)

FUN. 35 minutes of straight up sass, every track a massive earworm, what’s not to like. this tweet sums up the vibe better than i can:


Got a bit addicted to Panties an Bra when I first heard it

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I ahd this ripped on CD from a friend. Something went odd about the tracklist so it opened with shoes and I ended up thinking that there were 5 bonus tracks after Come Home To You. Always thought it was a really oddly sequenced record until I got Spotify and put it together.

Sorry, that wasn’t very interesting, was it?

Great record though.

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Hyped for this list! Although I didn’t always vote for your tracks in Music League, I always enjoyed them


Looking forward to this @Jamos.

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97. Paul Wall - The People’s Champ (2005)

a young houston hard hitter, all about the skrilla, riding something candy-coated, crawling like a caterpillar. paul wall pretty much only raps about two things - his car and the diamonds in his mouth. can’t say I have much interest in either subject but the woozy production and his smooth flow make it fun listening to him do his thing


if it’s not a spoiler, what’s the most recent album we’re getting on here

(what year, not title lol)


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Knew you’d change your mind about Donda 2.

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