Jan 2022 UK Politics Thread

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Good news everyone


Thought this was a pisstake. It isn’t

Any reason given why?

They’ve all been suspended.

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Nothing I could see in that thread. Someone said they’d been doing advertising for gambling and stuff and maybe that was falling foul of UK laws?

:rotating_light:Fucking hated that account :rotating_light:




Be interesting to see what comes out of the wash with this. It always stunk of… something suss, y’know? Like it was purposefully building a massive following and could just pivot into proper gross Tory stuff at election time or something.

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Lol, fuck off Maajid


Possibly because of posting this?

Rather than this?!

For anyone unaware

It was a smart model, tbf. It’s always that main headline tweet that gets the most traction because of the nature of people just skim-reading and retweeting headlines now, and the secondary tweet with the actual news story in is basically an afterthought that only a few people will click on.

Bet any money that it is due to Copyright violations on the Football one.


The operation of headlines since the medium was invented, in other words.

Yeah obvs but it works especially well on Twitter because of everyone’s 0.01ms attention span.

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Seems to be from a monied background? One of the directors of SportsForAll has similar surname (Dad, maybe?)

I really hope 2022 is the year some left wing people stop investing so much in Twitter and get some more perspective


Everything stays the same, except it somehow also gets worse.

Fell down a twitter hole of rabid anti-SNP accounts claiming Nicola Sturgeon personally got the account shut down because it posted a video of some Police Scotland officers manhandling someone. Very good, very good.


Obviously if she got it suspended then +1 to her no matter the reason

Saw the same.

Also this

Feel like there needs to be some pulling apart of “the guy behind” and “the guy working on it using a bunch of funding from somewhere” when talking about this tbh.

Not gonna lie, they’ve done a very savvy job of distilling news in a social friendly way similar to SavedYouAClick

It’s got similar energy to a lot of meme accounts.

But it doesn’t have the journalistic nous of someone like Marina Purkiss who really distils stories and has a clear take, rather than a fake sense of being “balanced”, which is something the right, like Fox (News not Lozza), often do. Some recent examples

It’s interesting to see MPs are getting better at turning talking points into digestible tweets too. Like this in response to Priti Patel’s weird new year address which needed a dystopia warning

Edit: Admittedly these look better with the spacing on Twitter