Jane Weaver appreciation thread

New album announced for release in March (why so long!) - preview track up now.

I liked the Misty Dixon and indeed her first few solo albums ok but The Silver Globe onwards are just absolutely stunning records imo. They just kind of hit a perfect little sweet spot of so many things I like in music and bring it all together.


Liked the new single a lot on first listen. Can’t say I adored all of the last album but the tracks from it that hit really hit.

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Yeah, this sort of where I landed with it. The stuff I like I really really love, the rest I found a little indistinguishable. Still, a 50% or somhit rate is better than the vast majority of artists and I’m very much looking forward to hearing what she does next.

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Silver Globe is amazing

Was going through CDs to sell earlier but that’s staying and going straight in the car

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One of the few gigs I got to in 2020

Feel like I should have got one of the prints of the poster this guy made for it


One of the few times where I’ve been in a music shop (Fopp - Charing Cross Road) and actually asked a member of staff what was playing as it instantly grabbed me and bought the album right there. Was Modern Kosmology. Have followed her since. Lovely stuff :+1:

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The singer has a very clean vocal, the musical instruments used for the music are rather strange, and the whole style is a bit like a high school girl. It’s hard to imagine that Misty Dixon has debuted for nearly 20 years.

Is this as in Dr & the Crippens (guests)?

nah, think this is just the name someone DJs under, usually does nights called Dr Crippens Waiting Room i think. never heard of Dr and the Crippens before now.

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