Janelle Monae


coolest person alive


django jane :open_mouth:


Yeeeeees :clap::clap::clap:


yeah, very excited. 14 tracks long, she enjoys the big epic (progressive) concept records.

and 1-week after the new Kimbra albums drops no less (they need to tour together, after the unfortunate cancellation down under per Janelle’s illness a few years back).

i thought we’d lost her to hollywood. glad that isnt the case

Finally. One of the best nights I ever had at Glastonbury was Pulp, followed by Janelle Monae and then Big Boi in 2011.


God I love this woman. Been rinsing The ArchAndroid and Electric Lady all afternoon, alongside these two new cuts. I mean, she’s obviously wearing the paisley on her sleeve for Make Me Feel, but Monáe is absolutely the spiritual successor to Prince, and there’s an argument to be had for Bowie, too.


That Janelle monae set was incredible.

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Yeah, this is all ace

I’ve got goosebumps before even listening

MY QUEEN :princess: :crown:

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Came here to post this. Pulp played one of the best sets I’ve ever seen, and then we went over to jazz world and janelle monae topped it.

Great artist. Simple as that. Prince-like in the best of ways.

I really like JM but the Prince thievery on make me feel is just too obvious and too much for me Clive


tbf Prince worked on the album

sure, but I doubt he said “Hey, y’know what you should do? You should flimsily rewrite Kiss and steal a whole bunch of the visual iconography too”

but maybe he did I dunno

I mean it’s still obviously great and all but personally I find it really jarring and can’t get past it

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It’s a Kiss remix. But a really good one

I made a big mistake not going to Monae and Big Boi. I was well into both at the time, but my pals didn’t know who they were.

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