Janelle Monae


‘Cue the violins and violas’ :heart_eyes:


My friends missed it but i stuck to my guns and watched the best double bill of music I was ever likely to see. They for some reason saw Coldplay, they said it was much better than expected, for context they’re into a lot of the same music I’m into yet skipped it. Weirdos!


Singing ms Jackson whilst hammered on Brothers was a treat


My friends did the same. Having said that we have completely different musical taste. That was when I decided I’m never going to festivals with friends again. Spent most of the Friday and Saturday day on my own mainly at the Park Stage.


Giving me some serious envy here. I’ve been to the last 5 Glastonburys, but that was the last one I tried and failed to get tickets for. Wept when Beyonce got announced as headliner, and again when I watched it on TV, that whole lineup was a killer.

I remember being really excited for Janelle the year she did Latitude, but have literally no memory at all of watching her, I think I might have been really drunk. What a waste.






All three singles are weird and different, totally unconnected to dominants trends in R&B/Pop and most importantly fucking BANG. Really psyched for the album.


Not digging this new stuff much. I love her very much and the previous albums but… not feeling the new era … yet.


Loving Pynk :revolving_hearts:


It’s quite perfect



So excited for the album. 11 days. I think Make Me Feel & Pynk are the best of them so far


US tour dates announced, so hopefully they’ll be followed by a trip over here.


Playing it a lot. Hoping the kids don’t listen too keenly


Two days to go! Interesting to see this album appears to be a bit more concise than the first two (48 minutes, only 11 non-intro/interlude tracks)


This and Grouper on the same day. Such a treat.


This is pretty cool:


brian wilson!