Janelle Monae


without clicking on it, i’m skeptical


Yeah, I mean anything called a “tracklist reveal experience” is inherently ridiculous, but the info on what the songs are “inspired by” is totally worth it:


As is having to type the phrase “I am a dirty computer”.


First impressions, this will definitely be my least favourite Monae album and by quite a distance… but I’m still happy it exists.

It sounds like she’s just thought ‘nah, this ain’t right, I should be the biggest star in the world’


I think it’s great.


She’s right, though.

Make Me Feel is still my favourite (I feel ok loving it since Prince worked on it himself)


I was half-asleep when I gave it a listen this morning. Definitely a lot of generic pop on there, but it seemed to get a bit more interesting towards the end. Will give it another spin this afternoon.


I don’t think I like it that much :disappointed:


I like it a lot.




Only listened once. I liked it but it’s like she’s trying way to hard to have a ‘hit’. I much preferred the sci fi funk stuff.


‘emotion picture’ sounds like something a teenager would come up with and think it was the wittiest thing ever


You people…


3 listens in on headphones and sounds pretty wonderful to me. Lyrically especially.


Can’t wait to see the Emotion Picture in full, but just watched the first few minutes and there’s a wonderful Blade Runner-esque bit of music… why isn’t it on the album HUH? I could do with more sci-fi stuff.


Screwed is my least favourite, I think. Nothing immediately bangs like Make Me Feel did, but it’s not to say I’m not enjoying it, I just think it’ll take a while


First listens and all that (though I’m actually through my 3rd) but it’s pretty much the dictionary definition of a mixed bag, isn’t it?

Also I know genius steals and Prince worked with her on the album and blah blah blah but that song is really just a very shit version of Kiss isn’t it? Like if you’re not going to make it better than why bother?

Also the “we’ll put water in your guns, we’ll do it all for fun” line is atrocious. There are some other clunkers but that was the most obvious example.

Aside from these criticisms there are some parts that are very good and enjoyable :slightly_smiling_face:


God DAMNIT Janelle, why you gotta go and fade out Dirty Computer like that?

It’s good. It’s really good. Is it as good as The ArchAndroid or The Electric Lady? Not even close. But it’s still damn good.
I just wish she’d get some sort of visible promotion. HMV had big posters up of Basic White Girl album. Monáe got two little CD slots in Trending. Ughhh.


Cracker m9s


The tracklisting on the CD case has Stevie’s Dream and Don’t Judge Me the wrong way round. Doh!


This is one of the most enjoyable first listens I’ve had in a long time. It’s very immediate. It’s so immediate that I can also tell straight away which ones I’ll be skipping every listen (Screwed). The lyrics are a bit rubbish but also IDGAF about lyrics so who cares.

Is the film worth a watch?